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I was recently asked in a class I am in at my church what are the three qualities I was looking for in a spouse.

Humility before God is number one.

There is something so beautiful and attractive about a man being teachable, about him submitting to God and letting the people in his life pour into his heart as leader, and have him drink in their guidance as wisdom. More often I see men spitting out poison of pride instead of the steady inhale of the Spirit’s refreshment. Bill Johnson talks about God giving us answers we are needing  through the people in our lives instead of through us being isolated. God constantly reiterates our need for other people, their incite, their influence. He wants to build us up together, with a constant back and forth of wisdom exchanging. There is a richness in surrender  and humility to Him and to the people He has put in our lives. There is a beauty and a softness about humility. It gets me every time- across the board. I’ve seen this sweetness in the eyes of men, woman, my children, my father and it is such a reflection of Jesus. It makes me giddy.

English writer, Monica Baldwin says “What makes humility so desirable is that is creates in us a capacity for the closest possible intimacy with God.”

This is why it is so attractive to me. The people who come to mind when I think of this word.. glow Jesus. I recognize His fragrance….

Pride reminds me of a bull in a china shop. Too often, I’ve been the china shop and I’ve seen my share of bulls, but as the broken pieces of my heart and spirit have laid before me, He reminds me of how one pass by from Him restores those pieces. He is delicately re-placing every piece of broken china and He has laced the rims with a new gold covering to sip from.

There have been times where I have been the bull, and it’s lead to a broken me. A broken day, a metal break down and an utter frustrational fit of GRR that gets ugly.. real quick.

I’ve see the damage in my own heart when I chose to walk away form the truth because “I’ve got this.. I’ve got it together.” I step outside of grace watch the day break to pieces and then sit in a huff wondering what happened. One thing I always go back to is His arms. I wonder how non- physical affection people relate to Jesus in their imagination but for me I am in His arms 99% of the time and the other 1% I am at His feet or holding His hand. We are always touching in some way, and with that I know He is always touching the rims of my life, and the rims of the day, lacing them with Gold, especially when I REALLY don’t have it together. In all that, I am learning, even today, the maturity I still don’t have, the “togetherness” and the “ability to.. like make mature emotional choices” that I don’t do well ALL of the time.

Something that God has been healing in my heart for so long is this notion that I have to have it “together” for Him to give me that guy *Blush ;)*  The ONE I will share the gospel with for the rest of my life. Like I have to “have it all together AND be PERFECT”  for God to say “Ok, it’s time.”. This lie has been such a beast to tame. This is a HUGE LIE… One I am so annoyed with… ( Lie’s form the enemy are so annoying…So I just have started telling him how BIG God is so he will get annoyed with me…. It’s working 😉 )

By His grace, I receive all of the good things that GOD has in store for me… He HAS planned for ME…. and that means I can write this post, with a messy hair bun, and a china shop heart being re-modeled and say.. YES! I am His little princess dancing at His feet and covered by His glory.. and that makes me perfectly ready for the grace of His blessings…. <3 GAH!!!!

When we keep our arms open in surrender, they are ready to catch the provision, and blessings He desires to give us… <3 Keep your arms open and pray He opens your eyes to the goodness of His Love for you <3

Love Always,


November 2, 2013 - 3:15 pm

Betsy McLemore St. Amant - I’ve been under that same lie rrecently. I don’t know this author but wow our hearts are on the same beat. Probably because we have the same Daddy-king.

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