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His method is a man….

His method is a man.

She said it over and again again. The words didn’t grab me until the fourth or fifth time she said them, but when they did, something unlocked inside of my soul. She was talking about why doesn’t God stop the bad things in the world? Why doesn’t He just reach down and stop the horrific things the are happening in our world everyday?

Because God’s method is a man. He wants to use us……

He let His son die so that He could come live and dwell in us and through that we can learn to love and be loved…but more importantly BE love to this world and bring heaven on earth. He wants to co-labor with us in claiming the victory that was paid for.

Walking through life, most of us are aware of a twinge, a thing of injustice that pulls on our hearts.  It’s something that often annoys us about the injustice of the world or our society. Often we suppress it and yet it tugs at our souls like nothing else and sometimes even keeps us up at night. THAT ONE injustice we are frustrated that God doesn’t just stop it. The beautiful thing about God is He is totally and radically loves with giving us favor, and giving more, and building relationship with us through intimacy with Him. He longs to be invited  into the deep dark places of our hearts, so He can love on us,  heals us, wipe our tears and lights a fire in us that make us long to be that LOVE for the world.

What if some of the things that are still happening in this world are because God offered us an invitation to co-labor and bring justice but we said no….. because it was to scary, to dark, to big, to tiring…it would cost to much or it was impossible. What if you are not the first person He asked to do that ONE thing that just popped into your heart?

That place in our hearts that ache for the injustice of this nation, for other nations, or the injustice of abuse… where we almost become frustrated at God for  “not doing anything”… for the sake of our annoyance subsiding. That place that is stirring inside of you… if you can pin point that, you have found a key that can unlock an incredible pathway toward His justice coming down. I think to often we think “I am just one little person.” We let out own self doubt defeat us before we even begin the journey. And so we sit at the beginning of our destiny pathway with a PB&J of immaturity sandwich and a grumpy attitude and get offended at God because He is “not doing anything”.

He is constantly inviting us on a journey to walk with Him and bring Heaven on earth and in the process restore thousands of peoples lives. When we sit in a huff, we are not only stopping our destiny but we are forgetting the miracles Gods wants to breath through us are not for us. They are for the beautiful persons we will meet tomorrow who has been crying out to Him for justice. And He wants to answer their prayer  through you because He is in love with that person too.

I heard a song by Joshua Mills and during it He said “God, I want to be not only a container for you, but I want to be one that you flow in and flow through. I receive every miracle because there’s other that need the miracles that I am going to receive…. Because there are people who are waiting for a sign and wonder that you are going to do through me…come in the fullness of your glory in the revelation of it. I am looking unto you Jesus the author and the finisher of my faith.” (Joshua Mill’s song Open To The Wonders Click Here!)

If Jesus is stirring your heart it’s because you have the answer through Him. You have life and hoping oozing inside of you and its wants out. You can channel that passion outward  and become a hosting place for Holy Spirit and He will life you up and let you soar, but the injustice that stirs you as you sit, will not be solves by sulking. It’s solved by a life completely yielded to his presence and His anointing. He let His son die so that You and Him could co labor Love. Radical Love shifts the climate of this world.

There are so many people who need to hear your story who need to see your story, who need a taste of the goodness He has lavished on you. There is an entire people group waiting for the love that He has fashion in your being. What stirs your heart? What injustice make your squirm? What’s you calling? He is inviting you to run recklessly towards Him and in the process bring His Love to this world.

Do what ever it takes to press through those walls in your heart and mind and get in His presence for Him to lead you. DO whatever it takes to constantly surrender and give up writing your own story. Hand the your book life story back to Him… It was always been His love story to write…

Love Always,

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