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The myriad of my days are not so glamorous. Sometimes I feel like I am running a circus** production than a house hold. There a million balls to juggle, I am absolutely confident the only way I make it through is because Jesus is holding my hand. Literally.

**(And by circus, I mean days filled with dressing up as princesses and knights, Justin Bieber dance parties in the kitchen, and reading of Chronicles of Narnia INCLUDING all characters having a various blend of accents, ranging from Jamaican British to high pitched Australian. All of this while running a business in the cool of the night, climbing into white down pillows at the end of the day and saying, “Thank you Lord!” for the incredible gifts He has given to me. It is a full life filled with tons of imagination, skipping, and being scolded for singing Disney songs in public. Apparently this is embarrassing to my children… )

Its incredible how God has taught me the key to not being overwhelmed is not “doing more.” It’s resting more in Him. I am proud to say, the more time I just sit with Him gushing about the day, honoring Him and worshiping Him, the more productive I am. Time and time again He has shown this to me, and even during the busiest month I have had in a year, I praise Him because never did I feel overwhelmed. He has been training me in this, and even with the most pressure to complete projects this month and less time to get the work done that I need to, He has done it again. Worked through me, in time of rest and supernaturally pulled it all together…. AH He is so incredible. AND all the while keeping the conviction of my heart to keep the ones He has given me as my primary focus: My Belle, and Cowboy Kai. WHOA He is such a Good GOOD DADDY GOD!

Through all the ups and downs of every day, the smearing of humus on toast and the serving of two incredible leaders of this nation, who still need help buttoning shirts and finding their shoes, I am often confronted by the thoughts of Love. Not falling in Love, but to Love people. With thoughts of Loving people in life, with Love being a verb. Heidi Baker says “Love must look like something.” I feel like the rush of my home production gives me incredible times of great authentic, hand holding, baby rocking Love… and yet I feel a prompting to take this Love and thrust is outward towards anyone who crosses my path.

Mother Theresa said that the great plague of the western world is loneliness. I would be lying if I told you I haven’t felt the sting of this word. This is one word that comes with a million lies, and yet you have the answer for me, and for every person you meet.

Love. RAW. Real Love.

Love that has no agenda or no gain. Just a piece of your soul gifted to the person who is right next to you. And most often than not, Love looks like something different to each person you meet. Your goal, and my goal should be to discover what Love looks like to that person right here, right now, and say yes to being a radical for Love. Sometimes the most radical moments of Love only take 3 mins. Can you think of a moment when someone loved you so authentically that it changed your life? Do you realize you have that kind of influence, that in one moment, you can change someone’s perspective, there day or even their life? Love is so powerful. It only costs what you are willing to give.

That gets me excited.. giddy.  Changing someones life?! WHAT! YIPPIE!

(I joke with one of my best girl friends, Alyssa, ((who brilliantly created this blog for me)) that I should have “It will change your life” tattooed on my arm. She said she would pay half.
I am still considering the font. And I found out they can’t tattoo in glitter which is disappointing)

Love is so powerful God calls Himself Love.

I long to be Love for this world. Through a hug, through a moment, through elevating people around me. Through telling people who they are through the eyes of Jesus. They are beautiful.
That they are truly loved. You have the answer…… BELOVE.

Love always,

June 28, 2013 - 6:01 pm

Candice Roos Hildebrandt - How is it that you always say just what I need to hear? Thank you!

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