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I feel like there are so many places in my heart that has forgotten how to dream. Like the victories of the world have bruised my ability to see beyond the glamor of a white picket fence and “a normal life.”  The more I think about normal, I don’t want it. I was to be a radical for Jesus. The more think about houses and the American dream, the more I realize America has been lying to us, telling us what the dream is. But the truth is, the dreams that are in my heart should not be conjured up by America. They should be stirred up by the One who placed them there, all the while He is eagerly excited for me to realize them.

The fashion, the glitz and the glamor have no motivation for me. They materials and dissipate much like the fabrication they are built on. It seems irregular to me we are driven by the wealth this world tells us we should run after.

The truth is, materials will soon fade away and with all this chasing and running after, how often do we stop to think about people who’s values day by day rest in normal everyday needs like food or even clothes? How come America drives us toward us instead of towards others? It’s because the system of the world is not governed by God’s authority or values. Its a slippery muck that tells us many bold things about our lives and what they should look like. I believe it is by God’s grace financial blessings come. And with that, a stewardship of those blessings is truly valuable.

Dreams. Dreaming of the future. How often is that in my heart a dream that is lead by idealized notions that will never be obtained? This I feel this is relevant: That we pause, breath in quietly as a reflection from the Spirit takes a place. A place deep in our soul that cries our for a passion that has long since put inside of us. A seed planted by the ultimate Gardener who cares for us so much, He keeps track of our hairs on our heads.

So what if these dreams that He placed in us, aren’t for the poor? Can we still be an influence for the Gospel? I feel like the Bible is clear that we MUST care for the poor. And if we are to do so, we must be able to care for ourselves too. God promised Abraham he would be a blessing to others. We are of His seed. How can we be a blessing if we are not first blessed? Jesus said we would be clothed as the lillies of the field when we seek His kingdom first. When we seek His kingdom first, to serve for the sake of His Love the people God place into our hands and our hearts, we will be radically taken care off.

What if our dreams were birthed because His kingdom is inside of them. As a seed ready and willing to grow to it’s full potential. What if the dream to open a coffee shop was to further the kingdom? What if our dream isn’t for us but to bring the kingdom to the people around us? What if we stopped looking at our dream as self elevators but honor God for the place He has put them in our lives.

So what are these dreams and how do we find them? How do we allow them to surface and grow to what they are meant?I am still trying to navigate this. I feel like, the more I am captivated by His heart, by His face, by His presence dream will unearth like I have never seen before.

And yet as I sit here witting I remember one He placed in my heart long ago: to write a book, and have people actually read it. So as you read this page, as if torn out from the book I will one day write, you are making my dream come true.

As He speaks in the stillness of this moment, DREAM bigger means understanding that God is the ultimate dreamer, the ultimate visionary, that placed visions of things in your heart for His purpose…. run after them.

Love Always,



June 28, 2013 - 12:26 am

Julie Story - Just some words on my heart <3.

June 28, 2013 - 1:06 am

Amanda Emslie - Jules! I would be the first in line to buy your book <3 Dream Big Sistah!

June 28, 2013 - 3:59 pm

Julie Story - AWWW Thanks so much Amanda!!! Miss you girlie 😉 Kisses!

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