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Hey Babe, It’s been two years…

Hey Babe,
It’s been two years.
Some days it feels like it’s been 12 years and sometimes it feels like we’ve just began.

We laughed the other night, saying we loved each other more than we did 6 weeks ago at the alter… but really how do you measure this epic love anyway?

I feel like I know you from the inside out all while not knowing one thing about you. Some days I feel like I’m your old -woman-other- half and some days I just feel like and old woman. You laugh at me being in bed by 9:30pm, practically watching wheel of fortune. Our life has that kind of consistent rhythm, but I love this life with you. You roll your eyes, make epic faces, and quote a million movies lines… just… like.. me. You get me, and even though I sing random Disney songs and narrate people’s lives like they are in a novel, and I do that out loud, you never try and change my uniqueness. You just get it, because you are THAT SAME kind of unique. (Ok maybe not the same level but SUPER CLOSE. You’ll narrative people’s lives one day….just wait)

You. You are always the same. Maybe this is a small thing to some people but to me, coming from a whirlwind tornado where I don’t know what is going to be thrown at me, you being constantly wonderful is the best gift.

I love that you smile with your eyes at me and it gives away how your heart feels. I love that we get lost in playful banter that always turns into an inside joke we use at later times. I love that we have hand signals when we are out in public that mean very specific things that no one else will know.

We have secrets, you and I, ones the world and internet will never know. Secrets that are less glamorous and filled with couch-sitting -pizza -eating- choclate-peanut-butter-battles-were-I-always-win- kinda moments. And I love them. (and I do, always win. 😉

You are steadfast and strong my life. I’ll never forget waking you up in the middle of the night to pray over me. I’ve never had a love like this that stays awake for me until I am asleep. I’ll never forget the simple things you do, like  making the kids lunches at night when I am so tired. I have never had someone to do their lunches for me, and you do it with love.  3 years ago I remember driving to CVS at 1am with both sick kids in tow. That day, among the juggling and hustling to help them feel better. I was thanking God for the day I would have you. I dreamed of you long before you came, writing love stories in my mind to Jesus while I waited thanking Him that one day, I would have someone to do simple things like stay at home with the babes if a middle of the night medicine run was needed. But you being you, are more than what I dreamed of. You are the kind of guy that does the hard things to help, allowing me to rest, take a deep breath and making me laugh in the journey. You’re the guy the does the 1am shift so I can sleep a little longer. You just have that kind of heart.

When I didn’t have you, I remember thanking God for my time to learn to be thankful for the small things a husband would add to my life. I remember thanking Him for you long before you came, because I knew, the season alone was a season and I wanted to feel every moment thankfully knowing I would never take the small things you did for granted. And now you are here and I get to celebrate you, inspire you, love you and swoon over you forever.

I’ll never forget you sitting on the edge of your seat listening as I read the novel God is writing together with me. Your eagerness to support me is unlike anything I have ever known.

Every time I describe you, the closest thing I know to this kind of love, is my connection with Jesus. You have made me understand His love in ways I couldn’t have understood any other way.
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I am so thankful for you, so honored to be close to you, so blessed to be your best friend. You are the coolest person I know, for sure. I like you, a lot.

Two years ago, God told me to say yes, because He knew the gift He had packed up in you for me. And even though I didn’t know I would be writing this letter, his YES was all over you from the very beginning.

Two years, babe.

I adore you.

Love you always

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