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Dear Ikea, I love you, but you are wrong.

Dear Ikea,

A long time ago I decided I was going to use my platform of influence to love the world into a better place, to inspire greatness in people, to see the gold in people, and call them up into their destiny.Today, I get to use it to love you by telling you, this is wrong.IMG_9242

This is an ad in your magazine, with this short sentence represents a much greater issue you are adding to. I love your style, your store and even own these very curtains. I, however, will never use them to “hide myself from a mirrors on days when I don’t look as fabulous.” Everyday woman all over the world fight to have a good perspective of their bodies and often they loose. They loose because the world tells them they have to be a certain shape or be a certain age to be beautiful.

They loose because they believe they have to conform to a certain standard and when they don’t, they should hide. They hide behind their baggy clothes because they have curves or they they should hide because they don’t have curves. They hide behind make-up and beauty products or they hide because they believe they aren’t as beautiful as they should be. Every woman is an absolute miracle, fashioned and created to shift the world’s perspective, to glow with confidence and embrace her gorgeous body. The world needs to know, there is no one standard of beauty and I believe that you too would want to be apart of a movement that empowers women’s beauty. Is looking fabulous really the standard we should gauge ourselves by and when “we don’t” we should hide our mirrors? Isn’t it beautiful when a woman serves her family, as that is what this gorgeous lady was doing that is featured in this image? She is beautiful not because she has her hair done or not, or because she does house work or not, or because of what she wears.

It’s beautiful because she is a woman, made in the image of God, and designed by the ultimate creative genius, and regardless of how she feels, she is beautiful. Always. Every. Single. Day.

What if women believed they were the most sexy when they were serving others not because they are wearing mascara? What if they hung more mirrors in their house because they celebrated their bodies no matter what the world standard said? Wouldn’t it impact us all to inspire more woman to embrace their beauty every single day? In order to impact the world, woman should be encouraged to love themselves, and this love will spill over into society and change the world. Beauty should never be hidden. In one sentence, you used your influence to communicate an agreement with a much greater issue – There is a standard of beauty and when you don’t reach that, you can hide your mirrors so you don’t see how you don’t meet the standard. This needs to change in the hearts of society, and influence brings change.

IKEA, we need your help, your love and your influence to help change the perspective. Ladies, it’s time we stop hiding… Let’s all work together to inspire the celebration of woman’s beauty together.

Love always,

August 25, 2015 - 6:23 pm

Elyse Alexandria - I love your perspective on this. I also noticed this in their catalogue, and my first reaction was almost the same as yours. As I thought about it more though, I tried to put a more positive spin on it. I know how much time I waste doing fruitless things that don’t add to my day, my time, my life, my goals. And looking at myself in every mirror I come across is certainly one of them. Inspecting my face, my body, my makeup or if I have none, the dark circles around my eyes. When perhaps I could be doing something better than worrying about my looks. Thank you for sharing this!!

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