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To The Headstrong… A Letter to Bravery

Dear Bravery,

You’ve grown a lot since last year. You’ve begun to step into your leadership qualities in a very real way. You are strong, decided, and unmovable.

Your mom is helping you.. well.. umm… manage those qualities.

People may call you headstrong your whole life, but when they do remind them you are instead adventurous, bold, courageous and determined. These are words that describe leaders.

Maturity as a leader comes from submitting to other leaders. There will be leaders in your life planted and rooted that have grown up long before you to help you learn- your way is a great way, and yet there are other ways too. You’ll learn this year more about yourself and we will all learn more about you too as we watch from a little further away on the playground than we ever have before.

You are an explorer and a seer. You see things we don’t see and we don’t understand, but never let anyone tell you what you know to be true is a lie. Your name is etched on oak trees and your childlike heart swings to the rythme of joy. So many new things to come this year and yet so many new things are still being unrapped  in you everyday.

People say you are just like your mom and you are. Strong and graceful, full of passion, creative, playful and generous. People may call you stubborn one day but don’t take those words and own them. People may not understand how you like certain things certain ways but know these traits are the strengths that make up kingdoms of leaders and world changers. Embrace those parts of you. Learn how to adjust to maintain connection with people. Learn from the people around you who can curve edges and give higher perspectives.

You could rule the world alone, I’m sure of it, but you will be far greater if you stand alongside those who need your strength and those will give you their mercy. The wisdom you need is hidden in the hearts of people around you. Learn to pull on them for perspective. Even as a little one, you have access to great things.

Don’t even turn off the gifts that God has placed inside of you. We need them. We need you to see- the good, the glory of God, the things He is doing in the super natural. And you do see, more than this blog post could ever communicate. Some people won’t believe what you see, but then again, your strength will lead you to Love them regardless of what they don’t understand.

You are Brave, and that means you can release Bravery to a nation hungry for it. Your name speaks of something far greater than what turns you head in our direction. It speaks of things that turn our heads in His direction. You are a little joyful being packed with unimaginable gifts, and while we may all gather around you giving you pieces of us, it’s only because we all carry a piece of you.

You were never made for the sidelines, little princess. Stay humble, stay close to Papa God’s heart. Never forget how valuable of a little gift you are…

Spend your entire life loving people. You’ll never regret a life full of intentional Love and neither will anyone else.

Happy Birthday, Baby Yeti!

Love Always,
Aunt JuJu

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March 22, 2015 - 1:50 am

Karen McDermott - Omg Jules. ..how do you make words so hard to read as they pull at your heart strings? ???

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