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Dear Mr. L – One Year Anniversary-

Dear Mr L,
I pulled up to the theater on the day you asked me to date you a year ago today.
I was nervous.
I couldn’t really say why.
Maybe I knew what was coming or maybe I was afraid it wasn’t.I walked up and you were there. You had bought the tickets already. Cute. You were always doing those kinds of things, arriving first so I wouldn’t be waiting on you alone.
I feel like that sentence describes my feelings over the last 4 years prior to dating you. Waiting. I hated waiting, really. Like throwing one-self-on the-stairs-like-I-had-a-to-wait-til-friday-to-eat-sugar hated it.
It seems like you are the more patient one of the two of us. I’m happy that as your wife I will get access to things I haven’t had to work for that He has cultivated the Shepherded your heart. I remember the moment 3 months after that day, when I rapped my cold shaking arms around you and cried on your big strong shoulder. It was in that moment it hit me. I realized because of your love I could understand Jesus in a way I never have. More profound than our first date, that moment was for me a “lock and key click.”
You had been constant while I rode the roller coaster of you and I. And now that my feet are firmly planted next to yours, I can rapped my hand around your arms and I can rest my head on your shoulder in a different way.
I’ve imagined myself writing public letters to you before, even at the risk of “being one of those girls” who wear their guys like girl scout badges of honor. But you, my love represent restoration, far more then a love story between you and I, you are the words of a love story between Him and I. It’s through you He has restored so many things taken from me…..
And if the whole world has to see to know, then let them see because He began this story long before He knew the wrinkles wet spots in Psalms. Before I knew all of the details He knew I wanted to cling to for hope. He set you aside for me in the most pure way. He got you ready for me, even when I didn’t know you were on the way. He whispered secrets into the little Stories minds and hearts that told them His plan before He told me…
And then… when the calendar struck 11/11/14. A date where even the number reveal the secrets of His heart…. My Beloved One = 1111
And so cheers to you my darling. To the one who has learned the curves of my heart like the curves of my face. Cheers to the moments He gifted you seeds of wisdom and character that grew into trees that could make just enough shade for 3.
I love you, you and your crazy fun self. Thanks for gifting us your incredible service, heart, laughter and love for one whole year…
In love with you always,
November 12, 2014 - 1:28 pm

Yadira Devore - Awwwww you made me cry. Soo onion excited for you both!!!!!

November 13, 2014 - 3:22 am

Sherry Gillard - LOVE this LOVE STORY!! Of our Mr L and Miss Story!! Love that face in picture #2!! “Whatchu talkin bout?

July 11, 2015 - 7:26 pm

Sharon Plant - Such a beautiful couple! You both truly represent the love of Christ! You SPARKLE and SHINE wherever you go! :)

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