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Because of their yes… (new series)

We’ve all faced those big scary moments.

The ones that snarl and growl in our faces and spit on us when we look them in the eyes. We’ve felt the sting of picking ourselves up off the floor of self pity and looking at our mascara smeared faces wishing we hadn’t wasted tears on something that turned out to be imagined voices in our heads.

I’ve had moments that were big and scary that God has desired my yes. I’ve had to step over the piles of annoying fear lies in the path to where God wants me. He has had to tell me to say YES to big scary things. ((One of them being dating my soon to be husband.))

What’s interesting about the stories of our lives is sometimes they mirror each other and we realize we’ve all been fighting the same monsters of self doubt and crappy thinking.

As I look back on the past few years, the stories I’ve heard from God’s princesses baring their souls, and sharing their life loves stories about Him, I realize He has always wanted to paint something glorious with us. With all of our curves and imperfections, He wants to dip us in the colors of His love and splash the world with Happy little trees that can never stop producing fruit.

It’s in that fruit, the fruit of someone elses story and life that I have tasted and seen He is good, because somehow in His majestic plan, their stories changed mine….

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 4.53.00 PM


And when the fruit of their live gifts me seeds of abundance, I am inspired because at their beginning, they were faced with a road where they could have said no, but they didn’t. They could have let fear eat them alive and kept their love song to Him a melody only heard in the closet of their hearts.

But they said yes. They said yes to the big and scary things that were meant to stop them. They said yes when it seemed like they would fail over and over. They said yes to Him when they didn’t know the details of their stories…

They said yes, and because of their yes….. they have impacted the world with their gifts.

These are the stories I want to celebrate. I long to inspire one person to see their situation differently… in a way that makes their yes seem just the right size for them

Every Tuesday I will be sharing stories of people who said yes, of people who are inspiring the world with who they are… and what they are passionate about.

So if you need to stay inspired, if you need to hear the hearts of Beloved ones all over the world who are taking it by storm…

First up this Tuesday: incredible Author, Public Speaker, Creator of More Love Letters, Hannah Brencher


I can’t wait to tell their stories, to share with you a part of who they are and how they are changing people’s lives…
If you know someone who should be features in the Say Yes Series, please send me an email personally.

I would love to share their story… julie@julie-story.com
((Follow along on social media #storythatinspires #sayyesstories))

Love Always,

November 25, 2014 - 7:28 am

Stephanie Tait - This series excited me to my core <3

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