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Mom to Mom – Thank You

Over the years I’ve called her to thank her.

We  joke that on birthdays we should really celebrate the mother who birth the child since she did all of the work. (CHEERS GMA!)

I’ve called her though after many tempter tantrums from Leilie, and fits from Kai. I’ve called her because I know she dealt with them too. I know she gave everything of herself for us girls. In the moments of growing up and feeling the growing pains of stretching our wings, she and dad kept us from flying into canyons we couldn’t have gotten out off.  And with baby feathers still stick in between the immaturity and adulthood, we didn’t know to say thank you.

It’s wasn’t until we got the growing pains of little feat running up and down the halls, and the moments we lock ourselves in the bathroom, to cry or to regroup that we think… “My goodness, I need to call mom.”

I call her to say thanks for the millions of hours of sleep she lost, for the advice we know she has, and for the old wives tale remedies that include oatmeal in knee high stockings that “make a great soaking bath for your skin….”  I call to commend her for all the times she gave up something she wanted so I could have something my little self wanted.

She wasn’t perfect, but she was mine. God knew I would need someone to feed my creative soul and to give me drawing pencils just because I HAD to have them and to teach me how to blend my eye shadow. He knew I would need someone to teach me to have a voice, to seek out justice in life, and to look for ways to serve people with my home.

She made my custom clothes for my doll house creatures out of lace and ribbons so they would have new outfits by morning. She left us pretend mail in our play house with tootsie rolls treats. She gave us many things but most of all she always nurtured creativity and an intense pursuit of fancy things.

She has this strength about her. Its the one thing my dad mentions first when he talks about what he loves about her. I often ask him what he has learned in 30 years being married to my mother. He his answer is always “There is a lot more to learn.” Smart man. He has spend the greater part of 30 years discovering this master piece of a woman to come to the conclusion…there is so much more to her to get to know. He is right.

I’ve learned that she gives a lot of herself. Her creativity and her home. If there is one thing I am proud to say about my mother it’s that she always is willing to give whatever she has to help someone else, especially us girls.

Mom, on your birthday heaven celebrates you. You’ve left a legacy with how you have raised us and look what the world has become because of how you stewarded your gifts of children. Two beauties that leave every room changed because of the trail of love, life, laughter and glitter they leave behind.

Cheers to the One and Only Glitter queen.

Even though we can’t open you craft closet because the entire Michael’s store is in there, we all know where we would go if there were ever a world glitter shortage.

Happy Birthday moma.
Thanks for loving our babies as much as you loved us <3
Love you more than the stars in the sky.
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October 5, 2014 - 10:17 pm

Karen McDermott - Oh my stars..how everyone wishes they had an author for a daughter. Your words are very humbling and very heart felt. Your care, compassion and graciousness fit your peanut shape very well.

October 6, 2014 - 5:51 pm

Lecia McDermott - Awwwww it’s true mom! we LOVE YOU! We CELEBRATE you and all your amazingness!!

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