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People grab onto words. They grasp them as if the paper in which they are written will dissipate if they don’t squeeze them with the hands of their heart.

I love words. I love the words that rap around me like a blanket and shield me from things I was never meant to experience. I love how they can kiss your lips and feel cold but turn warm by the love in which they were meant.

People grip words. They knit them together like a tapestry of life. Like torn pages from letter that get woven together over time. Even as the paper fads the words still hold hands along the edges of their lives.

I’ve held onto words, words that empower me, words that break me. I’ve felt the sting of gripping words that were more like knives then soft feather pens I wanted them to be.

Sometimes we take the words that are broken, the ones that were never meant to describe us, and we build walkways with them. We stand on stones of fear and doubt we’ve placed or let others place in our way and scream “These are mine!”

We keep them and they were never meant to be kept.
We wear them as ugly jackets and sing the songs of hate as if the melodies will sometime sooth us.

They never will.

They hang around our heads and we let them because we believe one day they will be halos. We invite them into our homes and let them linger around our dinner tables hoping how we host them will turn them into the guest we’ve always wanted.

They never will.

We set the tables of our lives with neatly pressed linens, perfections and bake our life stories in sexy heals instead of flats hopping we will be noticed and be rescued from the words that lead us to believe our value is in how we appear to the world.

We wear the words we believe are true. We have become comfortable with the constant sting that meets us at the mirror and we welcome it. Somehow if we believe we are less, then we won’t ever be disappointed by what we haven’t become.

Skinnier. Prettier. Richer. More Successful. Everything that we desire gets throw back at our faces and we take it…. and set an extra space at the breakfast table.

As beautiful beings of light we birth something new everyday, but we can be stopped. We can stop creating and loving. We can stop hoping and dreaming. We can rap ourselves up in fears and doubts that because reality only because we looked at them for long enough.

But we can start. Start seeing and dreaming. We can cut always the cocoons of the words we have heard and received in our souls as truth. We can set ourselves free by looking at the Truth, by listening for the Truth.

We can take the words of life, even if there are only two we can remember and use then as a flint. We can stand in the mirror and declare life over us and rap our arms around or gorgeous bodies and believe: we are enough. In this moment, YOU are enough.

Our tapestry can be rewoven. Re-strung. We can start now. Even with a little, we can give a little. We can gift our words to the world and back around again until each of us step of the stones that were never meant to be stood on. We can offer our words to the world as swords of truth that cut away every lie that kept any dreamers from fully becoming the greatest influence, the great inspiration, the greatest success the world has ever known.

Words. It can take everything in us to fight past every lie, every hurt and every discouragement we have ever accepted. But in that fight we can rescue another. We can set someone free by looking in their eyes with tears and grief, with the pain of every lie we ever believed and say with our lives “You are worth it… I will keep fighting for you.”

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 11.53.25 AM
When we reach others hearts with our words, we because the greatest influence in their lives in that moment…

It’s your time to rewrite, to reweave, to uninvited the hate house guest of your mind.

It’s time to find the Truth about who you are, and who God says you are.

It time to gift your words to yourself as a weapon in your own fight, as a sword in your own war. And when you’ve cut away the pieces that have kept you closed to the world and you sit among the battle that has ended, there is a constant Love who is waiting to dress your wounds with elegant garments of love.

He has a new tapestry for you…..

Do you want it?

Love Always,

September 30, 2014 - 8:50 pm

Candice C Wright - I love this!

October 1, 2014 - 8:53 pm

Jeanine Dell'Orfano - Love it Julie!

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