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You’ll stay boring that way…

You need to hear this.
Stop following trends.

Follow the fierce ones. Those who are unapologetic. The people who will love intentionally, specifically. Follow those who will serve with their life. Follow the people who are unapoligetically themselves. They’ve learned they love best when they are uniquely themselves. Follow ones who’s quirks are worn as strength and who’s wisdom have not come from sitting on the side lines observing.

Follow the ones who have walked through the mud, gripped the sides of the mountain, felt the dirt under their nails and the passion in their souls. Follow those who have climbed to the top of the mountain, despite the ones that told them they couldn’t, and have declared to the world: my gifts, have the power to change the world.

Don’t try and dress up like someone else.  Stop trying to get somewhere by looking like all of the people that surround you. You’ll stay boring that way I wouldn’t tell you this if I didn’t love you.

Stop, just stop.

You have a world of creativity inside of you and you are spending it all comparing you to a world who doesn’t care if you ever reach your destiny.

But I mind.

So put on your mismatched socks if you have to and part your hair the other way, because we need what you have inside of you. And maybe its selfish of me to say this but I need you. Without you being you I miss out on the part of God that only you carry so excuse me for telling you, you are not a twin to the world, you are a twin to His nature.

And you just being you matches Him perfectly.

It’s time to shine. The world is not your mirror.

And I hope, I hope you write a letter like this and shake the ones who have things clinging to them that were never meant to be. Because someday, my kids might come across your letters, and it will shake things off of them too…..

Love Always,
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