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Father’s Words

He unfolds the delicate corners and the paper fights to refold it’s self. He has kept it hidden in his wallet for 10 years, only reading it’s delicate words on delicate days. I wrote it to encourage him, he reads it to empower him. Never underestimate the power of words.

The edges of the paper are weak and soft, but the words are still strong like arrows, ones that might defend the walls of the structure of him and I.
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I’ve learned my whole life how powerful words are. Like bread torn off from our souls given to those who are hungry for what we have in our hearts. Our words are like tearing off pieces of ourselves, and they keep feeding the world through the way we place them together. We make that choice a lot; how we choose words that sit next to each other. I didn’t realize when I use those words and on that paper that it would create seat of honor for my dad to sit, and a crown for him to wear.

So in this moment, I want to write about Father’s and how important they are. I want to write about how generations are being lost and found by these great leaders of strength who are kings in our homes. I want to write about how they are stones and rocks that families are built upon and how their presence or their absence in our live shape us and mold us. But instead, I sit here and write about words, how powerful they are and how they keep us steady and still in moments of chaos.

Maybe the connection between my father and words comes from my father’s extensive vocabulary including everyday words like fiefdom and Magillicutty. Maybe I’ve simply connected the two because words from fathers are like pieces of gold and silver that decorate our lives. Some people had less decoration and some have none at all, but what is most profound about what we have experienced in the past is we get to glean from it and create new experiences for our future. We get to string words together, impact and empower people’s lives no matter what lined our own pathway here. My dad has decorated my life in more ways then I can describe. He placed jewels of wisdom on my head, and taught me the value of patience.

There are moments when no words speaks more then the most eloquent sentences. When a listening ear and a patience heart greet a moment of heightened emotion. It feels like a hug after a long journey; a father who sits and listens with eager expectation speaks more things then a sentence could ever communicate. My dad is that kind of man.

He is patient, kind, gentle and sweet. He listens quietly offering wisdom when it is needed. I’ve learned a lot about God through who he is and for that I am so thankful.

There is something that God has placed inside of each of us, like a jewel He hid there for Himself in our hearts. Somewhere inside of us is this great desire to be fathered. We desire to come beside a good father’s strength and wisdom. We desire to feel protected and love. The hurts of this world has tainted that sweet sanctuary in some of us, like tarnished gold in a palace, often hurts beckon those places in us to stay hidden. God is always in the mood to restore. He desires to restore relationships, our perception of ourselves, and the places in our heart where wounds have been because of fathers who has their own wounds. On a day where some are celebrating, some are grieving, some are anticipating hurts and sound are being healed from them too.

In all of the whirlwind of expectations of fathers and the celebration of great ones, our sweet God has His Father hands wide open and reaching for our hearts. Its safe there, and He has a myriad of words and wisdom strung together in the perfect sentences for us. He has crown to place on our heads and new songs to sing to us. He loves to father us because He knows our precious hearts need Him. May Father’s Day bring restoration to your soul and may He flood every part of your with His outrageous love.

Forgive, release, bless, love, serve, celebrate.

Love Always,
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To my sweet beloved father; there aren’t enough words to adequately describe your influence on my life.
You have taught me the value of wisdom, how to honor someone with patience, how to serve without complaint. I would not be who I am without who you are. I honor your gifts, your love, your life, your stewardship and I am so very thankful for who you are. You are a precious gift of a man. I love you! The legacy of  your life and love has forever changed the three of us, mom, Lecia, and I. Now it continues to impact three more, Lales, Kai, and Brave. Everything that you are and every way you have chosen to selflessly love has made an impact on every person you meet. You were made for greatness and that greatness is touching more lives then you may have ever realized…. and the best part is… the best days are yet to come. Cheers to all that God has made you to be. May He crown you with a new crown as the ones you steward well celebrate you <3

June 15, 2014 - 3:27 pm

Julie Story - I’ve never made him cry before but this one did it. Happy Father’s Day dad 😉 all my love, all my heart…

June 18, 2014 - 3:36 am

Sherry Gillard - WOW! You are so blessed to have him for your dad!

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