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Say Yes.

There is a sign on the Starbucks display that says “Say Yes” in big bold letters. I love looking for God in everything. I wonder what God wants me to say yes to……or what Starbucks wants me to. 😉

Today I caught catch talking to God like we have a different relationship then we do,  as if we have a different history then we do. Sometimes I talk to Him through this religious veil I put on and parade around until I feel silly and just tell Him how I am really feeling. Sometimes I feel like He is distant. I hunger just to hear His still small voice and wonder if I am tuned into the wrong frequency. I sit and soak, waiting, listening, positioning my heart to hear Him.

The things I know in my mind sometimes collide with the things I am experiencing and create some kind of belief system that relates more to the visible world then invisible. I fight to get back the “right” perspective and then I realize that in the struggle, I’ve missed it. His yoke is easy and His burden is light. there is no fighting in resting in the truth of who He is and what He says.

I sat in Starbucks, music in my ear buds was soft worship music positioned for me directly to hear, yet the sound was drowned by a very loud voice. An older man sat across from me, having a very passionate conversation on his phone. He shifted his weight from one side to the next, getting up ever so often to pace around the room, walking toward the door and back to his seat again. Every once in a while, he sips from the familiar white cup. He is the only one in the room bedsides me and his voice is the only thing I can hear except when I shift my attention to what is playing specifically for me, I only hear the music I’ve chosen to listen to.

In that moment He was speaking.

What we decided to listen to is what we hear.
What if everything is at the same volume and it’s where our attention lies that causes us to hear? What are we listening for?

We will hear what we are passionate about. When we are enrapture by His love, it’s hard to miss His voice.

The world chews on loud words, expecting great big moments that lead us and guide us, but the butterfly that flickers in and through out our day may carry more significance then the loud things we are expecting to hear from Him. I sit in expectation to hear, and all the while even when I am not hearing Him in the way I expect to, I am thanking Him for the words He is saying because even now, in this moment, He is speaking.

His words are hanging in the air with no veil between Him and I. I think about Him and I, the covenant we are in. I would do anything for connection and I am willing to sacrifice for love. I am willing to take a step toward any hurt because I long to connect to Him. It’s so important to give Him everything we have held onto, and leave it with Him trusting He holds our face in His hands, and even when we don’t understand, we can still choose Him. We can’t carry the past into the present and expect to run forward faster to the future.

We can’t look at what we perceiving is happening as the truth.
Our misconceptions of reality can create alternate worlds we we never meant to live in.

The truth is, He is speaking. Are we listening?
Say Yes.

Love Always,
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June 13, 2014 - 2:56 am

Erin Westermeyer - He’s been showing me this very thing lately, as well. Love this and your dear heart. <3

June 13, 2014 - 3:05 am

Brittany Reinhard - Oh my goodness this really speaks to me, wow!

June 13, 2014 - 3:09 am

Karen Muniz - Love this Julie!!! Awesome word!

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