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God’s Icing (and a little taste from my book)

I was praying this week asking for God’s perspective but instead of saying the word “perspective”, I said icing.

Yes, icing.

I asked for God’s His icing.
I feel like that word is pretty much interchanging with the word perspective don’t you? 😉
I either need a cupcake intervention or sleep.
Probably both. 😉

I’m writing a book.
I’ve told you this.
There is a difference in saying it verses doing it.

One involve skipping with glee and imagination.. and the other involves the interesting process of pouring out ones soul, with black butterflies and all.

I am doing it. Here is a little piece of cupcake from the sweetness of my heart.
You are the first to see it.

Enjoy the icing of His perspectives and me growing up through the baking process…

I tell God a lot I don’t want Him to be the “God of my imagination”. I don’t want Him to be stuck between the moments where I picture who He is and He morphs as my mood does. I walk in the garden of my soul  with Him; He makes me tea, and makes me smile. Yet somehow, I feel I trap Him there. In a cruel unintentional way. In a way I never meant to but when I leave that imagined garden and step into the moisture of everyday circumstances, I admire Him at a distance. Memories of Him are like field I once walked through and I remember His affection. Imagined time and relational systems create a structure in my mind that keep Him grounded in my understanding of possibilities. This is not really Him. This is me creating a time and space that I can control, an experience of God the looks and feels like…me.

He wants me to know Him, and not just in the way my mind knows things. Not in the way my heart anticipates feelings from certain events and plugs them into a compartment that feels comfortable. He does not want to be a compartmentalized God. He wants to be the God of freedom. When He speaks I pause in every way possible. “I made you to be unique. To scurry like you do and dance like you do. I created thought and imagination as a way for you to get to know My heart, not limit My ability. You limit you, and so you limit Me. But I made you limitless. Don’t limit your potential in search of who you are. You will learn your potential when you learn who I AM. ”

Love Always,


December 13, 2013 - 7:35 pm

Ghadah Rahman - Beautiful

December 13, 2013 - 7:51 pm

Cassy Perez - so precious, <3 you to pieces!!! :-)

December 13, 2013 - 8:13 pm

Chrissy Welenc - Amazing.

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