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Hey Babe, It’s been two years…

Hey Babe, It’s been two years. Some days it feels like it’s been 12 years and sometimes it feels like we&#View full post »

What Pintrest Won’t Tell You About Wedding Planning

When you start planning a wedding the first thing that comes to your mind is: “I’m not going to be one ofView full post »

Dear Mr. L – One Year Anniversary-

Dear Mr L, I pulled up to the theater on the day you asked me to date you a year ago today. I was nervous. I couldn&#View full post »

The 11th Reason – Our Engagement Story

I heard a knock at the door, I knew it was him. He greeted me with that huge gorgeous smile I love and a little paperView full post »

Dating Mr L- Our Love Story

I started writing this a while ago. Sometimes the right words come in random moments and we have to capture them as theyView full post »