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You’ll stay boring that way…

You need to hear this. Stop following trends. Follow the fierce ones. Those who are unapologetic. The people who willView full post »

Relationship Status: …

I watched her. As a single mother she was vulnerable. She dated a still married man and got more than just her heartView full post »

Moo-Moos & Mini Mirrors

She squeezed my hand and the warmed from her touch reached my heart in an instant. We walked up the school bulling, handView full post »

A Letter to my Future Husband,

Dear Future Husband, I was thinking about you, yesterday morning while getting ready. I paused for a moment realizingView full post »

Tinkerbelle & Testimony Gardens

Every time she describes the story, her eyes light up the same way. Her favorite moment as Disney World was not the oneView full post »

Comparing & Love Pavers

  When I heard her screaming I knew it was THE cry. Moms, you know it. The 10 on the cry scale. THE HURT CRYView full post »

Party for One.

She didn’t dream of this when she was a little girl. At night, the house is finally quiet except for theView full post »

Love Life

The myriad of my days are not so glamorous. Sometimes I feel like I am running a circus** production than a house hold.View full post »

Cinnamon Rolls from heaven.

She took a deep breath in, threw her arms up on the table and with the most weepy cry she could manage she burred herView full post »


He stood looking out into the ocean, his hat slightly tilted forward. Straight ahead, the waves rushes in and out.  TheView full post »